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“Gifts for Gardeners
that you won't find anywhere else!”

Mini Greenhouse
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This 4-tier mini greenhouse is perfect for deck or patio! You'll find this greenhouse so amazing that you'll likely get a second one! Make the most of your growing space and protect your plants in the winter. Makes an impressive gift for the price!
Garden Gift Basket
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A Unique Basket filled with garden goodies. Printed gloves and even gummi worms. There is everything there to grow a wildflower garden ever so pretty! This is a great Mother's day gift or for a New Home. Add Color and Beauty to that Special someone's home.
Pink Garden Gift Set
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This pink garden gift set is perfect to carry around all of your gardening tools, including the 4 super cute pink tools that are included. Super durable and truly great quality, plus the pink color is perfect! A portion of all sales goes to the fight against breast cancer.
Pink Gardening Tools
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This 18-piece pink gardening tool set is a one-of-a-kind gift for gardeners! Not only are the pink tools fun to use, but they are easy to spot in your garden so that you don't forget them! A portion of each purchase is also used to help fund breast cancer awareness!
Wheel of Vegetables
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This is a fun wheel full of information on how to grow vegetables. Even your grandkids will eat vegetables if you become an Expert gardener. This will make a great Xmas stocking stuffer. Start now, planting those magical seeds.
Garden Bucket Caddy
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You need a bucket. You need your tools. Now you can have both in one spot! This garden bucket caddy makes it easy to move around your garden and stay organized. This is one of those brilliant simple inventions that every gardener should have. Super convenient!
Aero Grow Herb Garden
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This indoor herb garden kit is EASY and foolproof! It beeps and a light goes on when it gets thirsty. An amazing variety of herbs like basil, thyme, and chives. A Perfect Gift for the garden and cooking lover. While you're at it order one for yourself. Happy Growing!
7-Piece Pink Gardening Set
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This handy 7-piece pink gardening set not only includes pink garden tools, but also has a pink apron and gloves. Perfect for the light gardener who wants to keep their tools close by and look stylish doing it! A portion of the proceeds goes to breast cancer awareness.
1,001 Ingenious Gardening Ideas
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This book is full of really cool gardening ideas that will change the way you garden! This book is perfect for the hobbyist gardener and is really easy to read. Tons of ideas on how to take everyday items from around your home and use them in your garden!
Gardening Seat with Tools
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Super high quality, this package makes a truly wonderful gift for gardeners! The gardening tool storage tote conveniently hangs from the gardening seat for quick access to your tools. Over a dozen amazing reviews on Amazon, this gift is sure to please!
Farmer John's Garden Quilt
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How Fun and Creative is this? For the veggie and fruit market lover. An outdoor market for grandma on her outside porch. ADORABLE! A great gift she can ENJOY making and then using. She will get tons of compliments! Add a gift basket and make it a really special gift!
Garden Hopper
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This Step 2 Garden Hopper is a Handy mobile cart for garden storage. It also functions as a stool. You will love the versatility! No more hurting your back - take a break and relax while enjoying your favorite hobby!
Singing Bird Clock
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How would you like 12 birds in your home that require no feeding? A different bird sings every hour. A great gift any time of year. Add a Birdhouse for an Adorable Christmas Gift. Or add some bird nest cookies for a unique homemade goodie... Now that's a Clever idea!
Squirrel Birdfeeder
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Birds and Squirrels LOVE this. Very Cute! Will add charm to any backyard. A Great gift for squirrel lovers. They will GO NUTS over this! Add a bag of Mixed nuts for a gift for grandma. Add a Nutcracker and its the perfect Xmas gift. What a Creative idea if I say so myself.
Slate Thermometer Clock Indoor/Outdoor
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This Thermometer and Hydrometer Slate Clock will Look Beautiful on a Patio Wall. It is easy to read and very artsy. It would be great to have near a pool so you can get out before you and the kids turn into a PRUNE! Add some Class to your outdoor living space.
Topsey Turvey Tomato Planter
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Grow Amazing Fresh Tomatoes. It's Easy! You can grow herbs too. Use fresh tomatoes in salads or for marinara sauce. For southern lovers you will have ripe green tomatoes for famous Fried Green Tomatoes. Paula Deen would say, Let's start cookin ya'all!
Glove Garden Flag
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Add a Colorful Happy Flag to any garden, flowerbed or pot. These Beautiful Garden Gloves are filled with pretty flowers to brighten any space. The best part is you don't have to water these flowers. A Great Gift that will put a Smile on anyone's Face.
Herbs and Spices
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Spice Up Your Life! Cooking with herbs and spices can be confusing, but now you'll know what to do with things like dill or mint! This is a great reference. It is a MUST HAVE for the Foodie Library. It makes a nice gift. Just add an herb garden and make it Special!
Thatched Roof Birdhouse
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Give Homeless Birds and Gnomes a cute, roomy house. It has an adorable thatched roof and a chimney. Very well-made at a super price. A nice Gift for all those Bird Lovers. Grandkids will love seeing the birds visit!
Unique Bird House
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This is so ADORABLE! You may want to put this unique bird house trailer inside for decor it is so Special! This makes a great gift for the camping and garden lover. It is a good Mother's day gift too. It's retro and fun!
Retro Chic Birdhouse
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How cute is this. A very Chic Retro Birdhouse. It is hand painted and very colorful. It will add Fun and Charm to any yard or decor. Any bird would love to nest in this abode. A Great Xmas gift. Add some bird food and give to Mom or Grandma.
Mosaic Leaf Stepping Stone
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A very pretty leaf pattern on this stepping stone. It will brighten up any path or garden. It is Personalized so it is VERY SPECIAL! The stained glass is in many pretty colors. A Great Gift and Fun to do. You may get addicted to making these stones.
Butterfly Mosaic Stepping Stones
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A very Pretty Colorful Stained Glass stepping stone. A Great gift! A better price if you get 3. You can feed your addiction to making these. They are Fun to make and to give as gifts. Check out the other motifs available! The Flipflops will be great come Spring!
Mosaic Stepping Stone
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Add Fun to your garden and Brighten it with Colorful Stained Glass. Fun for grandkids to make Mom for Mother's Day! A super gift for grandkids to give grandparents. It will keep the kids busy at grandmas. Now that's a great IDEA!
Three Gnomes
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You can use these three gnomes to make a garden village. They are Cute yet realistic. There is even a mushroom which is a sign of good luck. A great buy and will make your garden ever-so-charming!
Gnome Charm
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A Perfect Charm for the Garden Gnome Lover. It will be Cute on any Charm Bracelet. a great gift! It is sterling silver and will brighten anyone's day. Anyone into gardening or magical fun would love this gnome charm!
Gnome Door
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This garden gnome door in a tree is so Cute! You will have to keep watching to see if a gnome is coming or going from your yard. A great Gift. Will add humor and charm to your home. A great addition to your fairy garden.
Autumn Leaves Glass Bird Bath
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Invite all your feathered friends for dinner. Just in time for a Fall Feast. This plate is full of beautiful fall leaves in brown and amber tones. There is even a cute little acorn. What bird can resist such an attractive plate? it is a very nice spa day for any creature with wings.
1001 Gardens
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A Fantastic colorful book of Beautiful Gardens from around the world. A great gift for the garden lover or the traveler. Think of Mother's Day or Xmas. A good coffee table book also. A super book to add to any bookshelf collection.
Six Colorful Garden Gloves
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Ouch! I got a thorn in my finger. Can you relate? This will not happen with these Pretty and Cute colored gloves. 6 pairs of Green, Blue and Pink. Get them for stocking stuffers and keep some for yourself. They are comfortable and grip well. Let's pick some Roses for Mom.
Bird Song Alarm Clock
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A Perfect Gift for those who have EVERYTHING! A bird alarm clock with over 20 bird songs. If you can't wake up to a Robin chirping then a heavy sleeper will need the Rooster's heavy artillery! Cock-A-Doodle-Doo! A perfect gift for bird lovers or even the grandkids.
Veggie Apron
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An Adorable print for the garden lover. Even if the grandkids hate veggies, they will love Grandma dressed in this. It is 100% cotton and very colorful. A special gift anytime. Add a houseplant or packets of vegetables as a stocking stuffer!
Windchime Bird House
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A Beautiful Bird House Wind Chime. It has pretty pastel pinks and blues. It will add Charm to any cottage decor. It is high-quality and Adorable! A great Gift for Mom or Grandma. Any bird will be happy having dinner here.
The Birding Life
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How about Birding as a new hobby? Or learn how bird lovers Decorate their own NEST. You will travel thru many Colorful Photos of over 200 Bird species. This is a fun and interesting book for bird lovers. Add a birdhouse and make it a darling gift for any occasion.
Victorian Bird Houses
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How about a hobby of making these Adorable little Victorian houses? Easy to follow instructions. Great reviews. A great gift and they are good conversation pieces. A beautiful addition to any home or yard.
Landscape Painting
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Grab those Brushes and Canvas and start painting. Step by step you will learn Donna Dewberry's techniques. You will have fun decorating your home with your own creations. A Great Xmas Gift for Mom or Grandma. Add paints and brushes to complete the package!